As you may already realize, I am passionate about helping my connections create their authentic online presence.  Teaching folks who are in my ‘tribe’, my ‘circles’, my ‘network’, learn about and use the tools available to them ultimately strengthens the reach for all of us.

I am offering “Small Group Social Media” sessions.  Each 2-hour session will be based on the questions pre-posed by participants on anything they would like to learn about their online presence. Alternatively, the session can be built around a particular topic, such as the samples described below.

Schedule a small group session that fits your schedule. These small group workshops are ideal for offices with a number of employees who can help your business increase online presence through their own personal brands. These group sessions are appropriate for 2-6 participants. The 1.5-hour workshop will include hands-on activities to get you and your team up and running right away. The presentation will be followed up with a detailed summary of our session and will include your top 3 priorities to focus upon to get your platforms going.  This program includes one follow up phone call 1-2 weeks after the workshop to answer questions and gauge progress.

Group Session Fee: $449

group social media sessions

Social Media Group Session Topic Suggestions:

Content curation and sharing is a key to increasing online presence. Once you have content to share, your other online platforms all fall into place – social media, online listings, email newsletters, etc. Keeping in touch with your engaged audience can convert them to your most avid evangelists. Regularly scheduled touchpoints, offering valuable information – real value – and an easy way to keep in touch with you may be your most useful tool yet.

We will take this time to explore your own business, how it relates to your audience, and how you can use your own passions and interests to build your personal and professional brand. As you may already realize, I am passionate about helping my connections create their authentic online presence. 

I am incredibly excited to be able to offer a significant fee reduction to those of you who are interested in having personalized social media coaching without the one-on-one consultation fees. I am absolutely certain that the questions each person offers will open up lots of learning opportunities, not only about creating online presence but also about each others’ businesses.