Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Applying Your Superpowers to Your Business

nikki bruno entrpreneurs using super powers

Nikki Bruno
The Comeback Coach for Women

First off- Susan covers a tip for avoiding Time Suck on social media with some tips on Time Management and Focus to “Get in – Get out” when posting for business marketing. Susan announces her upcoming webinar on the topic of Productivity in Social Media for June 6


Nikki Bruno is the Comeback Coach for Women.

Nikki Bruno became a professional coach in 2016, after 15 years in the book-publishing industry. In her core coaching program, The Epic Comeback, she helps women stage epic comebacks after being sidelined by divorce, illness, loss, domestic abuse, or infertility.

Nikki spoke today on identifying, exploring, and applying your superpowers. She also introduces the concept of ‘zone of genius’ versus ‘zone of excellence’, and how it’s advantageous to your business to spend as much time as possible in your zone of genius. Here are some of the highlights of our chat:

  • What is a SUPERPOWER? It’s something that you are really in the zone when you are doing it. You’re good at it. It comes naturally to you. A resource you can draw on anytime. Your unfair advantage is that it’s always there for you.
  • If I’m good at something….is that my superpower? Nikki tells me – not necessarily. A skill is only your superpower if it brings you JOY. Something we are good at becomes something people come to expect of us……so it may actually become a stress point for us.
  • We might take our superpower for granted.
  • Another term to use – Power Source – Nikki’s Power Source is “Belief” – that each of us is born with awesomeness. Her superpower is seeing the beauty – the amazing- in other people. Intuition is another of Nikki’s superpowers. Communicating in writing is another joy and superpower.
  • How to find your superpower: Have a live dialog with someone or journal it out – WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY.? What energizes you?
  • Still stuck? Ask 1-3 people in your life who love you unconditionally to ask “Why Am I Awesome?”
  • Applying your superpowers to your professional life: Like taking an audit. Does the work I’m doing fit with my superpowers? Spend as much time as you can exercising your superpowers. You will find that you will be more profitable, attract more ideal clients and be more productive.

Nikki is offering space for 16 women ready to make an Epic Comeback – offering community and skills She is also running a retreat in NH later this year. The title is “Hell Yes – No Way” – It’s all about setting boundaries.

Nikki offers you a 20-Minute Power Surge via phone or Zoom where she can help guide you in a mini-coaching session designed to unearth the source of your inner personal power.

Find out more on Nikki’s website.