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As a digital marketing strategist, my focus is on empowering small business owners and independent professionals with an arsenal of tips, tools, resources and strategies that enable them to connect and engage with their targeted audience in meaningful ways. I consider myself a loyal partner, a patient teacher, and a fierce advocate for my clients.

So, for instance, this month I had the pleasure (seriously, I love this stuff) of performing website and online platform reviews for a number of clients. I went through each and every page of their website, searched for them on Google, and examined their social media platforms. The clients received a 3-5 page report of everything I found (the good, the bad, and in a few cases, the ugly). 

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kenai - black gsd puppy - german shepherd dog


Kenai’s German Shepherd  puppies are due at the end of January.  They will be ready for their new homes in March.

6 week old German shepherd puppy

View Kenai’s puppies’ lineage and pedigree.

For 2015 puppies’ pics and stories, start on page 7 and scroll up.

Contact me for more information on these puppies. We will be conducting interviews for folks interested in purchasing Kenai’s pups.

Sunsets on Paine’s Creek Beach in Brewster, MA on Cape Cod.


black-gsd-beachIMG_6681 black german shepherd dog kenai black gsd

Kenai’s German Shepherd puppies are due at the end of January.  They will be ready for their new homes in March.

View Kenai’s puppies’ lineage and pedigree.

View all of Kenai’s stories

Contact me for more information on these puppies. We will be conducting interviews for folks interested in purchasing Kenai’s pups.

black german shepherd dog black-gsd-6 black-gsd-9Kenai’s puppies are due at the end of January 2016.  They will be ready for their new homes in March.

View Kenai’s puppies’ lineage and pedigree.

View all of Kenai’s stories

Contact me for more information on these puppies. We will be conducting interviews for folks interested in purchasing Kenai’s pups.

Kenai’s litter of pups is expected during the third week of January 2016.

These pups were sired by Vegas Del Lupo Nero.  This is the same sire as the previous litter of puppies born February 2015.

Here is the information on the lineage of these pups.

Kenai-Black GSD

Kenai – Black German Shepherd Dog

View Kenai’s Pedigree <

Kenai’s German Shepherd mother and father:

Kenai's German Shepherd dog parents

More about Wum <                                > More about Ziva <

Vegas del Lupo Nero is the sire of Kenai’s pups:

Vegas dle Lupo Nero- GSD

View Vegas’ Pedigree <

Kevin Lanouette, owner of Abby Kennels, and handler of Vegas Del Lupo Nero has this to say about Vegas:
Vegas’ half brother finished 4th at the WUSV in 2013 all German shepherd world championships. Vegas finished 13th out of 68 dogs at the 2015 USA national championships in Pennsylvania.  All dogs in these pedigrees have been titled for temperament and have certification on hips and elbows. Vegas will be competing in the spring 2016 to qualify for the WUSV (all GSD world CH.) and AWDF FCI (all breed world championship) world teams.

Mitch and I have met Vegas a few times now and we are impressed with his easy temperament.  He is a large, strong dog who is not only a superior working dog, but he is a happy, social dog who loves to play.

Vegas’ German Shepherd mother and father:

German Shepherd Dogs - Vegas' parents

More about Oscar del Lupo Nero  <
>  More about Pearl del Lupo Nero <

Here’s what one might expect at approximately 8 weeks old from one of Kenai’s pups.

german shepherd puppies

photo courtesy of Abby Kennels

We are currently conducting interviews for those interested in purchasing one of Kenai’s puppies. Contact me for more information.

More of Kenai as a Puppy

Where are the puppies from the 2015 litter?
View their 6-month update.
Their 1-year update will be posted soon.

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Here are some of my favorite shots of Kenai through fall and winter of this past year.

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Waiting for the frisbee at Paine’s Creek Beach.


Waiting for a friend at Abby Kennels


Hanging out in the kitchen at Buttonwood Farm on Thanksgiving


Taking a frisbee break at Borderland Lodge


Winter sunset glory at Paine’s Beach, Brewster


When we have the beach all to ourselves – bliss

Puppies due at the end of January.  Ready for their new homes in March.

View Kenai’s puppies’ lineage and pedigree.

View all of Kenai’s stories

Contact me for more information on these puppies. We will be conducting interviews for folks interested in purchasing Kenai’s pups.



I am so lucky to have kept in contact with most of the pups from Kenai’s 2/2015 litter.
Here’s a follow up what’s happened with all the puppies.

Inka was the only bi-color pup in the litter.  She was chosen and loved immediately by her owners.


Inka Day 8

german shepherd puppyinka-pup

german shepherd puppy

Inka – 5 months

Inka’s humans, Kat and Tom, have this to say: “Inka has added so much adventure to our lives! She can play just about all day long and is up to do anything we are doing. We joke that she loves everything in life TOO much. She is overall just a happy dog and is absolutely fearless. The first time we brought her near water, we walked out to the end of the dock and she belly flopped right in! We can’t remember what life was like before we had her.”

This puppy looks like she truly is ready for adventure any time of the night or day, not unlike Kenai!  _SF

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Rocco has been growing like crazy and loving life on acres and acres in Pepperell, MA.

german shepherd puppy

german shepherd puppy

german shepherd puppy

Rocco – 5 months

Rocco’s mom tells us that Rocco is loving life on their acres in Pepperell. His 6 month visit to the vet clocked him in at 70 pounds already!

This puppy looks like he means business. I can not get over how dark his eyes are and how handsome his face is.    _SF

Angus is getting the most out of his puppy-hood living on the Cape for the summer.

german shepherd puppygerman shepherd puppy

german shepherd puppy

Angus – 5 months

From Angus’ mom, Colleen: “He has become Liam’s best friend and has to be with him all the time. Tom used to have this little mutt when I met him and Tom took him everywhere. She used to go to work with him everyday and when she got hit, Tom was devastated. It’s been 13 years and Angus has now filled that void. For me, I’m just so thrilled to have another animal to love. He’s even put a little spring in the step of a very old and tired dog. Everywhere we take him people stop us and comment how beautiful he is. He is now 55 lbs and is taller then Rex! I can’t imagine how big he will be when he’s full grown.”

Lucky dog to grow up with an adventurous human boy. _SF

Gemini has a full life with lots of human and dog family.

german shepherd puppy

german shepherd puppy

Gemini - 5 months

german shepherd puppy

Gemini’s mom, Tricia, tells me: “It’s been an amazing 3 months with Gemini! He’s grown so much! He’s really bonded with us and has found his place in our family/pack. When he first came home, he would sleep in the kitchen or hallway, on the cool tiles. Now on really hot days he does that, but if the family is in the family room, he’ll sleep on the floor by the couch. He and Koda love being outside in our yard, digging for bones or seeing just how many burrs can stick to his coat…he’s a magnet for them. 🙂
Marley, our 10 yr old lab, is their elder statesman and keeps them in line. We go walking at Great Brook Farm and he does very well on leash and when greeting other people. We’re working on his manners with other dogs (he barks….loudly at them).
He’s just a happy-go-lucky dog. and we love his sweet, smart, playful disposition”

Gemini was the last pup with me – and I am still completely in love with him. His fur is thick and long, just like Kenai’s.    _SF

Cooper has the best family ever. When little Cooper needed surgery, his family stayed beside him and made sure that this pup will have every opportunity to have a long and active life.

german shepherd puppygerman shepherd puppy

german shepherd puppy

Cooper 5 months

This from Cooper’s dad, Bill: “Cooper is doing very well. He is still on a hepatic diet and medication, Rich and I are cautiously optimistic. He’s a very happy puppy who loves to play with all his toys but very much likes to play ball, hours and hours at a time. He has a kind gentle soul and is great with everyone he encounters, may it be others dogs, cats or children. Rich and I continue to work opposite schedules so he always has one of us around. The best part of my day is when I come home and he runs to see me- the unconditional love is amazing. We both love him so much and couldn’t imagine life without him.”

Look at this pup’s ears – I just love them.  But his snout is what gets me. Something about it just makes me so happy.  I miss this little (not so little anymore) guy.   _SF

Kaia lives with her family on Cape Cod.  It’s an active life with 3+ kids and summertime.

german shepherd puppy

german shepherd puppy kaia-water


This from Kaia’s mom, Molly: “Kaia is doing great!! We are absolutely in love with her! She too, like Kenai, is obsessed with her ball! And loves loves playing in the hose water, she would do that for hours probably :)”

Lucky dog – playing in the hose all summer and gets to kiss cute babies!   _SF

Everyone is asking me – “Will Kenai have another litter this winter?”
Honestly, if you had asked me in the thick of it all, while I had 6 puppies running, eating, and (well, you know) around my house, (remember the long, cold winter we had – no basement for these pups!) – I would have said “No more!”  It is an all-consuming 24/7 job which made it hard to get other work done.

But now, I look back and think how much I really fell in love with these pups, and about the nice people I’ve met.  I think about how I know that these pups have good homes with people who love them very much.
So – the answer is not a quick “no” anymore….. The answer is “Probably yes”

I’ll keep you posted.

Found on BuzzFeed – Share-worthy article for dog owners:

25 Genius Hacks That Make Having A Dog So Much Easier

25 hacks for dog owners

I wanted to tell you which of the 25 hacks was my favorite, but they are all brilliant.


(Did you have a favorite?)

german shepherd puppyIn all honesty, having spent a whole week with the last puppy by himself, without his puppy siblings, I fell more in love with him everyday.  It really did not make any sense for me to think that I should keep him, yet he followed me everywhere with curiosity and patience.  I had resolved myself that if the right family didn’t appear by the end of Mothers Day weekend, that he would be a new resident of Buttonwood Farm.

german shepherd puppy

The right family DID appear, though.  Tricia had contact me after she had seen Kenai’s photo on Fred Levy’s Black Dog Project that she had seen mentioned in Boston.Com, following the piece on WCVB’s Chronicle. When I met her two daughters and her husband, it was so very clear to me that these were true German Shepherd lovers. They have an older Labrador Retriever and a younger mixed breed at their home in Chelmsford. One of their dogs is named “Koda”. Disney fans might remember that Koda and Kenai were the brothers in the animated film “Brother Bear”.  We agreed, this was meant to be.German Shepherd puppy with new familyTricia tells me that Koda and “Gemini” are quickly becoming best friends.  I am certain that they will have a long, fun life together with this loving family.German Shepherd puppy with new sibling

I did not intend to become as attached to these puppies as I ended up becoming. But, I feel like each and every one of them ended up in exactly the right home for them. I am very grateful for the folks who shared our pictures and posts to help us find these great homes for Kenai’s pups. I am hoping that their families will continue to send me updates and photos so I can follow everyone’s journeys.

View Kenai’s puppies’ lineage and pedigree.
View all of Kenai’s stories.


With Angus happily settled in with Liam and his family, we are left with one. One magnificent, curious, patient, smart, fluffy and impossibly cute puppy for sale. We have been working with this handsome fellow to follow some simple commands such as sit, stay and come.  He has been walking nicely with a halter and a leash.  He visited my mom at the nursing home on Sunday – taking time to pose for some pictures.2015050395110845 2Today, I introduced him to what makes me and Kenai so happy every day.  We showed the little guy the joy of hiking trails.  I think he liked it.IMG_4262Contact me for more information on this  puppy. We are now conducting interviews for folks interested in purchasing the last of Kenai’s pups.2015050395110847 2View Kenai’s puppies’ lineage and pedigree.

View all of Kenai’s stories.

You might have read about Liam. Back in early March, Liam’s parents brought him over to meet Kenai’s puppies.  The pups were teeny back then. Liam enjoyed holding the pups close to his chest while they nuzzled his chin.  Then, his parents told him the great news. Liam was going to be able to choose one of the pups to grow up with him. His expression was priceless.

Well, the day finally came. Liam got to bring Angus home with him. When Liam came to the door, he was greeted right away by his very happy puppy.

GSD Puppy Goes Home

Liam and his dad took Angus to his new home where he immediately got to go outside to the backyard to meet Rex, the older shepherd dog that also lives there. It was instant friendship.

GSD Puppy

It was a long day of yard work and puppies. By evening, it was time for Liam to share a floor pillow with his new best friend and read a book.  All is good.


Contact me for more information on these puppies. We are now conducting interviews for folks interested in purchasing the last of Kenai’s pups.

View Kenai’s puppies’ lineage and pedigree.

View all of Kenai’s stories.