Recently, I participated in a completely different kind of business group workshop than I’d ever attended before. Kari Yasi and Michelle Lawton ran the first in the Business Detox series in early August.

I haven’t stopped thinking about our first Business Detox session. This mini-retreat was everything it was promised it would be. The 3-hour session allowed me to prioritize my mindset as well as indulge in a bit of self-care. Spending time working on the larger picture of how I am my business – rather than on the daily grind of running it – allowed me to connect not only with my “Why” but also with my “What’s Next”.

Kari offered us a wide selection of writing prompts designed to guide us toward identifying the most essential and most meaningful actions in our business growth.

Some sample prompts:

  • What is my big vision? My “Why”?
  • How do I intend to ‘show up’ each day?
  • What does success really look like to me?
  • What is something I’ve been meaning to do but have been too scared to take action on?
  • In order to succeed, I am willing to ________
  • What does my community need from me right now?

Taking the time to devote full attention to these questions helped me better define the work I do and how I intend to best serve my clients.

Michelle’s meditation and yoga portion of the workshops helped to center me while allowing what Kari refers to as the “Divine Downloads”. Working on Kari’s writing prompts resulted in some insights I would not have expected – but, as I mentioned, I haven’t stopped thinking about. It’s true – expressing gratitude has created even more abundance. Kari’s precise and personalized insights for all of us were spot on and powerful. 

As Kari stated, “We have to give ourselves permission to feel – to take down the walls – so that we can be fully present and authentic for our clients.”

The SheBreathes Balance and Wellness studio is a perfectly conducive – safe and comfortable – space for this process. The Business Detox created a positive shift in how I approach my ‘professional’ life. I am grateful to the professionalism, energy, and love the facilitators brought to the workshop. I am looking forward to the next.

Learn more about Kari Yasi and her Soulful Business Expansion projects. 

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