As many of you know, I absolutely stand by the use of strategic social media platforms to keep yourself and your business in front of your current and potential audience. However, if you and I have had this conversation, it’s likely that I also went off on a tangent (probably with a fair amount of animation) on how permission-based email marketing is the absolute best way to keep in touch with your ‘loyalists’.

“Just what is the Power of Email?”, you may ask.

power of email marketing

Email marketing is a smart, affordable way for you to stay connected with your contacts so you can grow your business.

What I love about Email Marketing:

  • Easily customizable email templates
    • Quickly create beautiful, mobile-responsive emails that will wow people on any device.
  • Contact management with less management
    • Import, store, and segment contacts so you’ll always send the right message to the right people.
  • Powerful list building and engagement tools
    • Add more new customers to your mailing list and keep them interested with automated emails.
  • Social media tools to go beyond the inbox
    •     Get connected to subscribers and post emails on social media so you can extend your reach.
  • Real-time reporting to measure success
    • Learn which emails are working best so you can improve on your marketing strategy.

email marketing

This summer, I am working with a few local artisans. They have a beautiful social media presence but found that it was difficult to gain traction and engagement.  We’ve decided that using email marketing to keep in touch with their fan base is a more effective use of their digital efforts at this time.  We’ve collected email addresses from their networking groups, past customers, visitors to their art displays and various inquiries. On a monthly basis, we share a couple of new items they’ve created, a message about the work they’re doing, and a ‘call-to-action’ (visit my booth, place a custom order, view my Etsy shop). This is a quick, branded, consistent way to stay top of mind.

Let me know if I can help you get started with email marketing.  It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do!