Are You Wearing ALL the Hats?

Empowering Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we need to focus on ourselves and our relationships, as well as our business growth. This month, I’ve curated some helpful articles to keep you connected to what’s most important.

Relationship ROI – Why You Should Think of Relationships Like an Investment via Susan Sly.

Whether it is a quick text, an email, a Facebook message, a handwritten note or sending flowers, make daily contribution a part of your life, just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

Networking: It’s All in the Follow-Up via eWomen Network.

So you’ve invested oodles of money and time preparing, attending, meeting and cultivating relationships at a networking event . You say your good-byes. You get home feeling full and satisfied that your experience was everything you hoped for and more. Now what?

How to Price Your New Business for Success via 17 Hats.

When it comes to starting your own business, “time is money” will start to take on a few different meanings. But if we look at time quite literally, do you know how much yours is worth? Putting a value on your work can tap into some deep-seated anxiety about self-worth.

How to Manage Your Inner Critic via Lean In.

Use the simple, science-based tools and techniques in this video to challenge those negative, inner critic thoughts and build confidence and self-efficacy instead.

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