Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Engage your curiosity about your true potential.

training for radiance kathryn leblanc

Kathryn Louise Leblanc
Leader Development Specialist
Training for Radiance

In this week’s digital marketing tip – I’ll dive right into my mission – my vision -and the details of what it means to shift our mindset to “Marketing as an Act of Service”.

I’ll go over the 5 tenets of the Rise Above Noise philosophy –

Offering a path for heart-centered entrepreneurs to show up with integrity and authenticity for the people who truly need what you have to offer. In particular, growing your email list and personal contacts so that you can be of service.

Then, I have the honor and pleasure of chatting with Kathryn Louise Leblanc , of Training for Radiance.

The conversation – with visual prompts – was incredibly interesting and enlightening. A writer, traveler, lover of nature, lover of laughter, and a specialized, human development educator, Kathy provides powerful training that clears the way to living a radiant life.

Since 2004, Kathy has integrated her wisdom of over 20 years as a human development educator of PRH International throughout the New England area. She embodies 10 years experience as an energy Polarity practitioner and is a lifetime therapist in body and dance movement. Kathy’s live and online workshops are the catalyst to strengthening the mind’s awareness and ability to be the “captain” instead of the “compass” of one’s journey, disciplining and enriching service to the life-giving brilliance within, rather than to its own egoic functions.

Through this process, clients are able to unravel the dysfunctional patterns in their relationships; be mindful of their reactions to others and events; choose healthy decision-making methods; increase their capacity to give and receive love; and heighten their understanding of the God-given gifts that are connected to the core purpose they were created for on this earth: their divine blueprint.

I think you will really enjoy every minute.

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