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A container of support and learning.

Get tips & resources to help you attract clients, save time, avoid frustration, and reduce your costs – here in a compassionate and supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs!

  • Weekly 1-hour live Q & A meetings via Zoom
  • Rise Above Noise digital marketing intro course
  • Private Facebook group with daily prompts & personalized feedback
  • Weekly emails with resources and ‘homework’
  • Monthly 2-hour implementation sessions via Zoom
  • Opportunity for accountability partnering
  • Discounts on Rise Above Noise webinars and courses

WiseHer Business Acceleration Summit

wiseher business acceleration summit

Break Through to the Next Level in Your Business or Career

The Business and Career Acceleration summit brings together 40+ coaches, marketers, sales pros, social media gurus and funding experts to help get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Right now, someone is looking for exactly the solution you provide. Marketing, then, can be an act of love – to offer those who are searching for you an easy way to find you. If you are seen – you can change someone’s world. Let’s talk about the 5 things you can do to show up with consistency and ease to grow your business within your integrity.

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Inspiration, Insights, & Direction

conversation with heart-centered entrepreneurs digital marketing

Most Thursdays, I have the honor of joining in conversation with an amazing, inspirational, smart, enthusiastic heart-centered entrepreneur.

Jim Rohn says, “The people you spend time with shape who you are. They determine what conversations dominate your attention”

We learn from watching those around us.  If that’s the case, then you might as well surround yourself with excellence. Find the people who elevate you. Choose the events that inspire you. Embrace the habits that improve you. Ever notice how hanging out with a positive, upbeat person can lift your mood? I did.

And that’s exactly why I started the “Rise Above Noise” Interview series. This is a unique opportunity for me to learn more about so many interesting topics. And….even better….I get to share them with you.

Some past topics:

  • Being Powerfully Productive
  • Your Superpowers- Your Business
  • Scale to Grow Your Business
  • Leading with Heart
  • Your KickAss Business

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Live Q and A – Digital Marketing

Most Thursdays

You’ve got questions.

You want to save time, protect your energy, reach the right audience.

I’ll be your digital marketing guide.

Submit your question: bit.ly/sfoqanda or ask your question live. Can’t join on Thursdays at 10 AM? No worries! Submit your question: bit.ly/sfoqanda and I’ll answer it during the Live session.

Join the Facebook Live on the Rise Above Noise Facebook Group OR Join the Zoom session: https://zoom.us/j/509293509

Nurture your Prospect List with Email Automation


Or bring this as a workshop to your group

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Learn to ‘Nurture’ your prospect list from exploration to purchase using email automation strategies. You’re going to learn the difference between automated messages and automated campaigns. You can determine where autoresponders will help you create better marketing communications. You’ll gain an understanding of key actions that trigger emails to be sent, identify what steps to take to design effective automated campaigns, and design the “evergreen content” that works best for your audiences. (You’re going to love the ‘evergreen’ – I promise!)

Don’t worry about anything.  I’ll be sure to cover dos and don’ts. I’ll offer you a sample automated calendar. We’ll take a look at some real case studies of success with automated campaigns.

The hour you spend here will save you hours and hours in the future while equipping you to attract and engage more clients so your business grows consistently.

✓ Understanding Segments/Tags and Triggers
✓ Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries
✓ Automation: Which, when and why
✓ Calendar set up

I encourage you to join live for a real-time student experience.  However, if you aren’t able to join us live – no worries. You will receive each recording you sign up for within 24 hours of the webinar.

Create More Personalized Emails for Better Results


Or bring this as a workshop to your group

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As a small business, you have an advantage over larger businesses.

You see and interact with your customers on a daily basis. These relationships with your customers, clients, or members allow you to create more personalized email marketing efforts that get great results.

Personalization goes beyond just adding their name to your emails. It’s important to create tailored experiences both online and offline that make your customers or clients feel special. Plus, email will allow you to gather even more data and automate these great experiences.

Take your personalization strategy up a notch by sending information you know your subscribers are interested in. When you send relevant content to your contacts, they’re more likely to take action, therefore helping you to reach your goals

✓ Build better relationships
✓ Increase sales
✓ Improve customer experience
✓ Gain repeat business

I encourage you to join live for a real-time student experience.  However, if you aren’t able to join us live – no worries. You will receive each recording you sign up for within 24 hours of the webinar.

Fill The Seats At Your Next Event

(Contact me to bring this program to your group)

Join me for an interactive workshop to learn how to pack the house at your next live workshop or event.

Workshops and Events can increase profits and sales, build your brand, and spread awareness about your company and what you do. Your event will help establish connections between you and your customers or community.

It’s important to your business and (even if they don’t know it yet) to your customers.

But, as we all know too well, empty chairs can be a real bummer.

At this workshop, we’ll discuss 6 strategies to ensure that your workshops meet your expectations for attendance.

Strategies we discuss will include social media, email marketing, print collateral, press releases, and real-time, in-person interactions. (yup – that’s right – old-school).