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Website Content, Social Media Strategies, Email Marketing & Analytics For Your Business

This program is for independent professionals and small business owners who are committed to attracting and retaining clients through consistency, support, and accountability systems.

I am passionate about helping you create your authentic online presence to attract more clients and make more money.

I am incredibly excited to be able to offer an affordable option to those of you who are interested in having personalized digital marketing coaching and accountability without the one-on-one consultation fees.

We will take this time to explore your own business, how it relates to your audience, and how you can use your own passions and interests to build your personal and professional brand.

Rise Above The Noise

It’s just so noisy out there!
How can a small business owner “Rise Above the Noise”?

Seriously, how do you garner your unique talents, skills, voice to differentiate from all the static?

We have all heard that great content can be key to your success. This is certainly true. Equally important is utilizing your “tribes,” your “collaboratives,” your “people” to exponentially increase your reach.

We will discuss the incredibly simple, yet profound, philosophy of listening to the questions your customers have been asking you and creating detailed, informative, and nonbiased articles centered around answering those questions as honestly and completely as possible.

Let’s gather for a discussion that will include various methods to utilize your aligned contacts not only to help create great content but to help grow your brand through digital platforms.

Viewing actual brand analytics and insights, we will view real-time results of strategic digital collaborations.

Participants in this workshop will leave with an actionable plan to:
• Create content on their site that answers the questions people are asking about their product or service which will establish themselves as a thought leader in their area
• Utilize their content in a number of unique ways to further differentiate their message.
• Utilize their communities/collaborations to amplify their message.
• Measure the results of their actions!

Contact me to learn more or to bring this program to your organization

Fill The Seats At Your Next Event

(Scheduling for fall 2018)

Join me for an interactive workshop to learn how to pack the house at your next live workshop or event.

Workshops and Events can increase profits and sales, build your brand, and spread awareness about your company and what you do. Your event will help establish connections between you and your customers or community.

It’s important to your business and (even if they don’t know it yet) to your customers.

But, as we all know too well, empty chairs can be a real bummer.

At this workshop, we’ll discuss 6 strategies to ensure that your workshops meet your expectations for attendance.

Strategies we discuss will include social media, email marketing, print collateral, press releases, and real-time, in-person interactions. (yup – that’s right – old-school).

authentic action genuine connection digital marketing small business workshop

Authentic Action and Genuine Connection

Social Media, Email Marketing & Analytics For Your Business Focus and Accountability Program

::  Dates/Times TBD ::

I am passionate about two things: helping my connections create their authentic online persona, and offering affordable programs Small groups give me the flexibility to do so.

Who you are should come through in who you are online. Giving your small business an online presence means more than simply putting up a website with your company’s address and phone number. It means setting up a virtual authentic version of you and your business, with a welcoming, informative website, social media platforms and email marketing strategies.

Your message is useless unless you get it in front of the people you designed it for.

This program is for solo pros and small business owners who are ready to take control of their digital presence. 

We will work in small collaborative groups to develop a sincere and successful online presence while we hold each other accountable to move towards our digital marketing success.

We will explore each attendee’s business concept, the audience you want to attract, and how each of you can use your own passions and interests to build your unique professional brand. As a small business owner thriving in a socially-connected world, it is important that you not only have an online presence on social media but that you also engage with your clients and customers.

This 6-part focus and accountability program is limited to 6 participants.

Details are still being worked out for this program.

Contact me directly to discuss how this learning and accountability group might best serve you.

create joy in your marketing to build your business

Joy By Design : Authentic Marketing

Bring Your Best Self To Create Your Best Business

::  New Workshops to Be Scheduled for This Fall ::

This workshop is designed to strengthen and stabilize what works for you and then build upon that so you can climb higher and design your Joy-full business!

Achieve Goals –We will discuss how to define goals and identify powerful reasons for achieving them. We will offer a fresh perspective on reorganizing priorities to ensure your success. We help you set up a system of accountability to consistently bring your best self to your business growth efforts.

Find Fulfillment – Many times, people aren’t exactly sure what brings them joy. This workshop is designed to help you find the joy in your professional life. You will be asked key questions to identify strengths, weaknesses, and desires that unlock your full potential. We know that developing one’s abilities and character helps you find satisfaction, happiness, and purpose in the work you’re pursuing.

Obtain Clarity, Gain Perspective and Direction – Life is full of distractions and many small business owners may lack a clear vision of what they want to achieve in their business life. This workshop will help you cut through the noise and begin to gain clarity on what you hope to accomplish.

Participants in this workshop will leave with clear direction on ways to use their genuine selves to attract their ideal clients:

  • Create content that answers the questions people are asking about your product or service which will establish you as a thought leader in your area
  • Utilize your content in a number of unique ways to further differentiate your authentic message.
  • Utilize your current communities/collaborations to amplify your message.

Featuring Carrie Vinson of Joy By Design.

Carrie’s mission is to assist people in living intentionally, passionately and purposefully NOW, even as they meet the demands of everyday life.