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Uplift Your Life

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Petra Contrada
Change Agent
Uplift Your Life

First, Susan gives her digital marketing tip of the week – BRANDING.

STOP sharing other people’s/companies’ quotes and tips images.

MAKE YOUR OWN.  You can use your colors, your fonts, and your logos to batch-create images to schedule on your own posts to create brand and personal awareness!

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Next – Petra Contrada of Be The Change – Talking about – UPLIFT YOUR LIFE

It may be hard to believe, but only 13% of people can say that they’re truly happy in their life, their work, their relationships.  

~~ We grow up with belief systems over generations and think this is “TRUTH”.  But we can overhaul these beliefs to find our new truth.  We all have our “BRULES” – “Bullshit Rules”

~~ We all came here with a purpose that we want to fulfill. The more we move towards our purpose, the more we experience happiness. Many people only think in the head – rational.  Our TRUTH lies in our heart.

What do YOU want to do?   Travel, Philanthropy, Experiences

#1 You CAN live a happy, and successful life…’s a process….. but it IS possible.

~~  Energy goes where you put your thoughts and attention

~~ CLARITY must get absolute Clarity

~~ What really matters most to you.

~~ Dig deep

~~ Mental Attitude is everything.

#2 – get rid of the beliefs that no longer serve you.

~~ Listen to your thoughts – We are so influenced by the thoughts we tell ourselves.  BE AWARE of your subconscious – change the words – feed your subconscious the positivity to create a new reality.

~~ 3 times a day…..listen to the negative thoughts you have and flip them around…..write down the positive version of those…..

~~ Petra gives us permission to LIE to our subconscious to help it create the new reality~ Concentrate on It CAN happen

#3  – 95% of us think…we are not ENOUGH

~~ Believe in yourself……


~~ LOVE yourself every day.

~~ It’s up to no one else but yourself. It’s no one’s fault. YOU have the power to create the change you want

~~ Petra recommends a regular meditation practice.

~~ Allow the infinite to channel to you.

~~ Have a physical practice….yoga, qigong, tai chi

~~ Your health and your business health can be aided with energy shifts.

Petra is captivating and energetic.  I hope you will enjoy listening to her as much as I do.

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