Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic: The Power of Using Intuition in our Business

My intuition told me that this session was going to be special – and I was right! I know you will enjoy listening to Cathy as much as we all did.

Cathy Ripley Greene ::

Today’s takeaway: Remember – we are ALL psychic, intuitive beauties and we can use our superpowers for business, personal and spiritual endeavors.

Thinking you don’t want to go somewhere – don’t go, there is a reason you should not be there. Trust your gut. Feeling like you should get up and go, right this very moment – Trust your gut. Most times you will not be steered wrong.

When thinking about a business decision, let it sit in your heart for a few minutes or a day – FEEL what is right for you and then decide.

Continue to be blessed AND be the blessing!