Kerri Miller : Create spaces that feel better and flow better.
Feng Shui Pathways

Feng Shui Entrepreneur

The energy was flowing for today’s chat with Kerri Miller of Feng Shui Pathways. Kerri is the author of the book, Author of the book “FEELS BETTER. FLOWS BETTER. Feng Shui for Inspired Living”. She is passionate about the fact that a space that feels good can exponentially impact all areas of life in a positive way.

Kerri had great advice on how to make sure that our workspace is optimal for our creativity and productivity.

Kerri’s 2 Top Tips:

1: Right now—- Look around your space. Find 3-5 things that are no longer serving you. Remove them. Right away. (don’t keep them in a box by the door to deal with later)

2: Attend to your front door. Sweep the doorway and the steps. Fix any of the items by the doorway – freshen the plants, straighten the wreath, shake out the doormat. You are welcoming the chi – the good energy to your space.

My Other Takeaways….
> Have your workspace in a ‘command’ position. When possible, have a solid wall behind you with a view of the room and of the doorway. This relaxes our central nervous system so that we can better relax on what is in front of us.

> Keep only what you need to accomplish your tasks nearby. The necessary items should be within easy reach so that you won’t have to move (shift energy) to access them.

> Items within your workspace should feel uplifting….inspiring.

Kerri has a special offer for anyone who listens to this interview…..Check it out….