Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic:
Three Pillars of a Wealth Mindset

Sonya Highfield
Real Word Creatives

First off, Susan gives her digital marketing tip of the week: A strategic use of Facebook posts to increase effectiveness of a Facebook Boost.

Then, Sonya Highfield, of Real World Creatives, addresses the Three Pillars of Wealth Mindset:

1) You can’t put happiness on the back burner….When we put Joy to the fore front, we attract more good things – more opportunities, clients, income. Guides you to build your life from the inside out. Pursuing your happiness with even more effort than pursuing money – knowing that the money will follow.

2) Broke doesn’t help broke. You are not hurting anyone by earning what you deserve. The more you serve the more you deserve. Then, you can give more to the causes you care about.

3) Legacy. Think longer term Think about your savings. Create a way to continue to impact the world long term.

There was so much good stuff in this interview. I highly recommend listening to Sonya’s info.

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