what's your superpower

Growing up, I just loved comic books.  I read Batman, Superman, Lost in Space, Hulk, Captain Marvel. And then, there were the tv characters. Every week I would tune in to watch Adam West as Batman. Of course, I was fascinated by Julie Newmar as Catwoman, Yvonne Craig as Batgirl , and Lynda Carter as Wonderwoman, as I strived to try to figure out where I would fit in when it was time to save the world. Pippi Longstocking’s adventurous spirit fascinated me and I read every one of the Nancy Drew Mysteries books. Just imagine what a young girl could accomplish with focus, determination, spirit and – maybe, just one superpower.

Right now, as I am writing this, I am sitting in a small bakery/coffee shop in my town. Julie roasts the coffee beans right here in her post-and-beam shop across from Stonehill College. Her coffee is by far the most delicious you will find anywhere (except, maybe, for the coffee my husband makes on the weekends). This includes the coffee you might find at the Starbucks a half-mile up on Belmont Street. As I look around I am thinking about superpowers – as they exist in our day-to-day lives.  Julie is an amazing baker. I’ve enjoyed her honey wheat breads since the early 80s. That is her ‘zone of genius’ as my friend, Beth, would say.  I am enjoying this cozy workspace this morning with my daughter, Alex. You may not know it from looking at her, but Alex’s is a super-organizer. In her work, in her home, in her car – Given any situation and the opportunity, Alex will create a system to turn chaos into order. With barely any apparent effort, Alex can turn an entire shoebox filled with business cards into a well-planned, sortable, uploadable database ready for use on just about any contact management system.

what's your superpower

I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to know a large number of interesting and inspired entrepreneurs.  I recently asked my network, “What is your superpower?”.  I’d like to share some of their answers with you:

When I meet with small-business owners to get to know them better, I am completely fascinated with their stories of how they came to the work that they are doing now. Many have left the 40-hour corporate work week to follow a passion. Others have found that one path in their life naturally led to their current path, whether by outside circumstances or directed by their own aspirations.

Last week, I met Deborah Trickett of The Captured Garden. We had a very nice conversation to get to know each other – family, community, previous work life experience. But once Deborah started talking about container gardening, her superhero persona took over. Her passion is helping her customers create one-of-a-kind container and garden designs that are always beautiful, never – ever – typical. But seriously, once Deborah started talking about coleus and compost, she might as well have been wearing a super-hero cape. I found a video of Deborah giving a talk to a local garden club and was truly swept up in her enthusiasm over colors, textures, urns, and boxes. (I’m not able to properly share the video yet, but will be sure to send it along to you when I can, so you, too might be inspired by container gardening!)

A similar situation took place when I met with Alison Krajcik of Turning Point Redesign. We began by talking about the town we both live in, a bit about our families and pets. But, when the conversation turned to home interiors and, in particular, colors – Alison’s spark lit up.  Alison walks through her life each day finely tuned into the light and colors around her.  This is her zone of genius. This is where her superpower lives.

where's your zone of genius

Build your online persona around
~ your “zone of genius”
~ your superpower
~ your own secret sauce

Be the Resource….for all topics and issues that revolve around these areas.  By sharing interesting articles (including your own, as much as possible) you are establishing yourself as a resource for others who want to learn more about you and your business. You are showing us your own superpower.

When you show the world where your own light shines brightest, your audience will follow that light to the products and services that you have to offer to them.

Make it such that no one could possibly think of anyone except YOU when thinking about that topic. This is your superpower! This is personal branding. 

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Let’s schedule a 20-minute phone call and discuss your superpower! 

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  1. Faye
    Faye says:

    Being able to separate emotion from a case for my client, while truly understanding the case and their expeience is so emotional.

  2. Andrea Kukulka
    Andrea Kukulka says:

    I just love your approach. You really have a superpower when it comes to helping others uncover what their unique brilliance is and to place there spotlight on it.
    You should wear a cape.

  3. susanfinn
    susanfinn says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Andrea. I am so fortunate to know some pretty amazing people – including you! – with some pretty amazing passions and interests.

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