Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic:
Finding Your Authentic “NO”

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Devon Grilly
Coach on Fire

First, Susan shares her digital marketing tip for the week: Remember that everything that we are doing in our digital marketing is designed to elicit a RESPONSE from the consumer. You want them to take action – to call you, to order from you, to set up an appointment, to donate, to get on your email list. Keep that in mind as you continue to work strategically to save time, energy and money while you attract more clients.

Then, Devon Grilly, gives us tips for identifying the things- big and little- that are draining you and accelerating the burnout cycle. Devon tell us how to create a boundary that will sustain us in the long term.

My takeaways:
~ Awareness – we can’t change anything until we are aware of what’s going on. Collect data – start to keep notes on the areas that are causing you some unease.
~ We are able to be our personal and professional best when we prioritize our own needs before others’.
~ Be a really good listener. Don’t begin to formulate what you are going to say – really listen. Create space for someone to share their story – create a better understanding

Devon offers a free “Blaze Your Own Path” Workbook on her website: